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In which we take to the open road again

October 26, 2018

    Dear Reader, permit me a brief introduction, I am not a travel writer. But I am a writer. And I am traveling. Since a writer is compelled by internal hard wiring to record what he or she sees … Read more

What do European newspapers know that we don’t

January 3, 2018

Reflections on community — and community journalism from afar Or…In which the ol’ perfesser finds that journalism in Italy is alive and well… Isabella’s news stand sells 19 separate newspapers, not including — she is quick to tell us — … Read more

Celebrating high school journalism at Hillside High

October 5, 2017

As the Durham VOICE ( enters its ninth year, when I look back in mind’s eye rear-view-mirror, the thing I see is not the 42 print editions or the hundreds of online versions of our paper. I see faces. For … Read more

On community

August 19, 2017

    On Community Community is where you find it. Archbishop Desmond Tutu cites the South African concept of communal unity, in his native language, “Ubuntu,” explaining, “We are made people through other people.” That we, as a species, are … Read more

Six kids, five days, two papers and one island

August 4, 2016

  Earlier this month, the Durham VOICE and the Durham NGO Partners for Youth Opportunity teamed up with the Ocracoke Observer to bring six Durham inner-city teens to the Outer Banks island to spend the better part of a week … Read more

Feeling the “power of the press” in Roanoke Rapids

August 2, 2016

Time was, community newspapers had their offices right on Main Street, USA, with a newspaper press thundering in the back room like a locomotive train chained to the floor. Sadly, in the last 30 years we’ve seen all that change. … Read more

The Henderson Daily Dispatch: lifting up the community

July 24, 2016

  As the reader can deduce from the name of this journal, I have a love-hate relationship with interstate highways. They get me to my mountain cabin quickly, dependably and predictably without a red light between Chapel Hill and Marion … Read more

Roadshow visits the Jacksonville Daily News

July 22, 2016

With the plethora of military bases across the Old North State, you can appreciate the challenges faced by local media when it comes to effectively covering their turf when those bases exist and operate as separate and restricted worlds, especially … Read more