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The Lost Theatre of UNC

May 3, 2024

  Dear Reader: This essay is excerpted from “Keeper: a Brother’ Restoration,” a work-in-progress book project — a photo-homage to my late brother, Nick, who died at 15 — physically from a biking accident, but emotionally from the loss of … Read more

On an Indiana Homecoming: Islands in a Stream

May 11, 2022

  That I would have to come to Italy to be able to write about Indiana… says something deep and mysterious about proximity, separation, space to marinate. And the defects and peculiarities of this wandering scribbler. For I realize, theoretically … Read more

Pocket shrines: Mom in a matchbox

March 21, 2021

  In my hand I hold a matchbox. The old school kind — wooden matches with cherry red tips inside. But that’s not all that’s in this matchbox, nor is setting a fire its function. For this matchbox, I just learned, … Read more

Lost and found: a very old Italian cobbler

November 11, 2019

  When friends ask, what was my favorite thing about our month in Italy, my answer may be a surprise. For it’s not the stunning Tuscan countryside, the sumptuous food, the laid-back lifestyle. No, it’s not even the delectable Montepulciano … Read more

The face of the moon and the circle of life

October 16, 2019

    Sunrise and moonset. At the same moment; precious and rare. Thus, the morning concert begins: A church bell peals. A rooster crows. A dove coos. A dog barks. And Franco trundles down the steep driveway with his dawn … Read more

The who of the where

October 12, 2019

    Writing from Montepulciano, Tuscany, Italy, where we have returned for the fourth time.   The learning of names, the remembering of their weight, tone and heft, the who of the where — is not unlike learning new students’ … Read more

From Barcelona with semi-colons

October 2, 2019

  Why anyone would come all the way to lovely Barcelona to write about semi-colons is lost on this writer; I didn’t set out to do this. Rather, I’m just responding to a challenge from a grammar-wonky friend who inquired: … Read more

China Portfolio, a final view

June 4, 2019

  With China on my arm… “Stay this moment.” –Sam Abel National Geographic photographer   An unfortunate nighttime encounter with a bathroom doorjamb has rendered me with a sizeable purplish bruise on the left inner forearm. Upon reflection, it strikes … Read more