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Holding my lumbar pillow, my new student-friend "Snappy" lets me take her photo.
Holding my lumbar pillow, my new student-friend, “Snappy,” lets me take her photo.


Mr. Joke Returns to China

Our traveler returns to China this summer for a month of teaching, lecturing and learning at industry and university sites in Shanghai, Nanjing and Chongqing. Last summer, during his Fulbright to Beijing, he was once introduced to a formal conference as “Mr. Joke,” a moniker that has stuck. Following is the record of Mr. Joke’s reprise.

Following my first lecture, I received this e-mail from one of the students  who called herself  “Snappy.”

Good evening,Jock.

Really nice to meet you and attend your lecture today.

And thanks for your humorous talking styles. 

I am Ye Yu,and also Snappy.

Remember me or not?

Hope you enjoy your visit to Chongqing,especially to our school.

It’s a hot day,isn’t it?

Please do take your umbrella or cap while staying outside.

Or,you will get sick.


It’s amazing to see that you have a camera with hands today.

And after class,I visit the official website of UNC.

Then,I recognize you are also an expert on photojournalism.

And  I am keen on photos,besides news photos.

Therefore, communicating with you about photos is an opportunity to learn something.

Taking pictures around me indeed memorizes my daily experiences.


Questions are follows.

Q1. What role do pictures play in newspaper?

Q2. What features does photojournalism possess,comparing to words? 

Q3. Is there any ethical principles while using photos in news stories, according to your experiences?(toughest one)


If you’re exhausted or your schedule is bombarded with task, you can reply to me later.

But I am 100% sure you will give responses to me because you promised me in today’s class even orally.

Really appreciated for reading my letter.


After your responses,I will reuse some of your opinions in my thesis.

Hope you won’t refuse my doing so.

Thanks a million.


Looking forwards to your reply.


Ye Yu 

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