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In which we launch a bucket brigade

September 11, 2007

The construction of a new town hall; plans for the annual autumn Pumpkin Festival; the dedication of a rebuilt country church following a devastating fire; the semi-annual Ruritan Club chicken barbecue — hardly the breathless “this-just-inâ€? breaking news of CNN … Read more

In which the Roadshow climbs up the mountain…

July 24, 2007

A SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY Thursday, July 19, 2007 Heading north out of Elkin on 21, I found myself singing the old Elizabeth Cotton verse, from the song “Freight Train,â€? that goes something like this: “One more thing I’d like to see…watch … Read more

From Kenly and Pinehurst, the Roadshow rolls on…

July 16, 2007

KENLY: ANOTHER BEST-KEPT SECRET You’ve heard of the proverbial one-stoplight town. That would be Kenly, except that there’s a new red-light out there by 1-95. So I reckon they’ve hit the big-time now. Still, little (pop. 1,784) Kenly in the … Read more

Dispatches from the road…

June 14, 2007

THE PENDER POST, BURGAW June 12, 2007 You wouldn’t believe that little Burgaw would be able to support two newspapers, but somehow, the county seat (pop. 3,700) of Pender County does just that. And most fascinating, both are owned indy … Read more

Welcome to the Blue Highways Journal

May 30, 2007

Let’s get this straight: Newspapers are not vanishing. At least not my kind of newspapers. Yes, many major metros are in a circulation free-fall. But not my guys. The small, local or what we call “community newspapersâ€? – papers with … Read more