What do European newspapers know that we don’t

January 3, 2018

Reflections on community — and community journalism from afar Or…In which the ol’ perfesser finds that journalism in Italy is alive and well… Isabella’s news stand sells 19 separate newspapers, not including — she is quick to tell us — … Continued

Tuscany Journal: It’s the people you meet

October 22, 2017

  What’s your favorite thing about international travel? The food? The local drinks? The strange new sights? Learning a new language? Navigating the travel challenge? Overcoming your fear of being out of your comfort zone? Well, all that — and … Continued

Mr Joke under the Tuscan sun

July 15, 2015

  The Blue Highways Roadshow takes a turn to old Italy, where in Montepulciano, Italy, we find a fabulous hill town that has much to teach the frantic-paced American about what’s really important in life: living well, loving your family, … Continued